When The Bough Breaks Book Launch!!!!

When The Bough Breaks Book LaunchI have done it… I have sent my baby off into the world. Do you know how utterly nerve-racking that is? But, lucky for me, it’s also very, very exciting.

I am writing this not only as a record for myself but also because… well… somebody out there might be interested…?


So… Here are the numbers so far…

When The Bough Breaks was up for pre-order on November 5th (resulting in 6 pre-orders) and went live on November 20th. My first free promotion began November 21st (today!) and I am so proud to announce it is already #1 in contemporary literary fiction (free)!


When The Bough Breaks Book Launch

It is also #1 in African American Women’s Fiction and #142 in the Kindle Store for Free books. As you can see below.

When The Bough BreaksI am hoping to make #1 in the Kindle Store for free books as well or at least make the top 100. We shall see……

If you haven’t downloaded your copy yet, make sure you do so today. It will only be free through November 25th. Just click here and don”t forget:

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