The Kind of Writer I Am

I have come to realize that despite my best efforts, despite my education and general know-betterness (Yes… I  just said that), I am the very epitome of a lazy writer.

L-A-Z-Y    LAZY!!!!

It’s something I am actively working on. Maybe I need a 12 step program or some kind of support group… I don’t know.  But, hey, they say acknowledging you have a problem is the first step to recovery… right?

So, here I go…

My name is Lucy Q. and I am a Lazy Writer

Phew! I said it.

But, in my defense, I’m not as bad as the guy above. I would say I’m more like this young lady:

lazy writer

It’s a real shame too because my goals just don’t line up with this unfortunate fact about me. I mean, I want to be a writer. I want to be a published author and have some semblance of success. I want to create and find an audience that enjoys my creations. I don’t need to make a lot of money (it’d be nice but it’s not the reason I write). I don’t need international notoriety (it’d be nice but… well.. you know the rest). But, what I do need is to fulfill my dreams.

Yet, I am lazy… and when I say I am lazy what I really mean is that I find any and every reason to PROCRASTINATE!


Does anyone else have this affliction? Is there anyone out there who feels my pain?


You know what’s the most interesting part about me being a lazy writer? Most non-writers seem to have this belief that it’s the norm. Like published authors sleep until noon, lounge around in their pajamas all day watching TV, then sit for a couple of hours bang out two or three perfect chapters before hitting the sack only to do it all again the following day. There is this myth floating around that writing doesn’t take a lot of work, that it somehow comes easy. Well, we writers know that these folks have it wrong, don’t we?

Let’s send this guy to tell them the truth.

writing is hard

That’s right. Writing is hard!! Finding the time, avoiding distractions, making the commitment, shutting out the self doubt, finding the right words. All these things are hard. But, despite the difficulties I have no doubt it is worth it. I know I can do it and if your dreams are anything close to mine, you can too.



I wanted to share the results of a quiz I took on playbuzz entitled, “What Kind of Writer Are You?”

Norman Maclean

“You are… Norman Maclean, author of A River Runs Through It, published for the first time at the grand age of 73 years old.
You love the idea of being a writer and you’re really great at gathering ideas, making notes and talking about your vision (which really is worth talking – and writing! – about). The actual writing of your book is a little trickier. You may have been called, at one stage or another, something of a procrastinator.”

I’d say they hit the nail right on the head. If you are interested in taking the same quiz, click here. Don’t forget to report your results below.

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