My Top 10 Childhood Favorites

3D Render of Kids Surrounded by BooksWhen I started this post I said I was going to keep it short and sweet. But, when I began to think of all the many, Many, MANY books I read as a child, I came to realize that picking the most beloved was easier said than done. I tried to narrow it down to three, then five... then... well... Let's just say I finally decided to do a top 10 list instead (who doesn't love those... lol)


Without further ado and in no particular order I present to you my top 10 childhood favorites.


OMG! Who doesn't love Amelia Bedelia and her literal take on EVERYTHING! I devoured these books as a kid. They were always good for a giggle or two. Thank you to the late Peggy Parish for bringing such a character to life for me. 

margaretThis must have been a very popular book when I was a child. I remember getting three copies as presents one Christmas (and I had already read it). I didn't mind though. Judy Blume was one of my favorite authors as a child and Are You There God? It's Me Margaret is just one of many treasured favorites by her. It's the story of a girl trying to belong. That was definitely something I could relate to and I'm sure many other young girls could (and can) as well. 


Ramona Quimby was another series I adored as a child. Another funny and relatable read. Romana taught me to be curious, inquisitive, and myself regardless of the consequences. 


Imagine my delight when this one came out as a movie. The Chronicles of Narnia was a series of epic page turners for me. 


Another Judy Blume book (told you she was one of my favorite). Blubber was probably my introduction into bullying. It definitely helped teach me empathy for others. 

how-to-eat-fried-wormsAnnnnnnnd.... How to Eat Fried Worms was probably my introduction to YUCKY! I thoroughly enjoyed this read as a kid and I had to opportunity to enjoy it all over again a few years ago when my daughter brought it home from the school library. 


Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH .... LOVED IT! My adult self can now say this is an epic tale of  social class systems and the survival of the fittest. Back then, however, it was just a good read. 


Yes, another Judy Blume book. This is the last one.... I think.

This main character of Judy Blume's Deenie was diagnosed with scoliosis. This was a topic of great interest to me as a child because I too was diagnosed with the condition. Thankfully my condition was very mild and no brace needed. Still, I believe this definitely led me to feel some kind of connection with Deenie

fried rat

OMG! This was one of those books that secretly made the rounds of the school yard when I was a child. Southern Fried Rat and Other Gruesome Tales was one of those books we hid from the adults and whispered about in groups. It was one of the books that even the non-readers just had to get in on. Thanks Daniel Cohen. 

chocolateAnd last but definitely not least.... It was my love of chocolate that drove me to it. The mere name of this book, Chocolate Fever, was enough to make me pick it up. 

Well folks there you have it. My top 10 list of childhood favorites. 

Did any of your childhood favorites make my list? Share some of your childhood favorites in the comments below. 


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